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Alexandria Implants

Dental implants in Alexandria

Alexandria implants

Alexandria implants

As we get older there is likely going to be a time in our lives that we must consider the pros and cons of dental implants. This is nothing to be embarrassed about and it actually affects a lot more people than you would think. This is due to the fact that as we age our teeth will deteriorate; it is the natural order of things. Just as your knees and back will not be the same as they were in your youth so too is it the case that your teeth don’t recover or feel as good as they used to. What matters most in this situation is to acknowledge it and take care of it by going to Dental Excellence today. This Alexandria implants specialist will take you through every option and leave no stone unturned in determining what is right for you and what you want for your individual medical needs moving forward.

Dental Excellence has the most experience of anyone in the dental implant game when it comes to Alexandria implants and will make sure you not only look your very best but most importantly you will feel your best, and hopefully in time forget that you ever got a dental implant in the first place. This is no easy task and in many cases it takes more art than science to achieve this end. But when you’ve been in the game for over twenty years you learn a thing or two about making sure you do things right, the first time.

If you need an Alexandria implants consultation you need to come into Dental Excellence today and see for yourself why everyone has been making the change over. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so take the first step to changing your life for the better and come in today.

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Dental Implants in Dunedin FL

Implants in Dunedin FL

Dental implants in Dunedin FL

Dental implants in Dunedin FL

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, you will want to get dental implants at our dental office, Ryan P Lepore DMD. Our top-notch dentist, Dr. Ryan Lepore is a highly skilled implant dentist who can provide you with precisely place dental implants in Dunedin FL.

Dental implants have become an extremely popular tooth replacement method because they look, feel, and function just like permanent teeth. When you come to our dental practice wanting to get dental implants in Dunedin FL our dentist will first need to assess the health of your jawbone to make sure it is healthy enough and thick enough to safely undergo the dental implant procedure. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for getting a dental implant, our dentist will surgically insert a titanium dental implant root into your jawbone for each tooth that is going to be replaced. There will then be a healing period of several months during which time your jawbone will completely heal and the dental implant root will firmly fuse to the jawbone. Since the dental implant root actually fuses to the jawbone, it is able to be a stable and permanent base for the new porcelain tooth. When the healing period has completed, our dentist will fit you for a porcelain crown which perfectly color-matches the adjacent teeth. The dental crown will then be permanently attached to the top of the dental implant root, and your new dental implant will be complete. As long as you take care of your dental implant with regular brushing and flossing, and with periodic dental cleanings at our dental practice, there is no reason why your new dental implant will not last for a lifetime.

For an appointment to visit our dental practice to get dental implants in Dunedin FL, simply contact us today.

822 Milwaukee Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698
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Dentist in Dunedin


Creating and maintaining healthy smiles that inspire confidence is the number one priority at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry! Proudly serving the Dunedin community and the surrounding area, we offer a full range of the latest and most advanced dental procedures designed to meet the needs of every member of your family.

Pediatric Dentist in Dunedin

A healthy and beautiful smile is not only an attractive asset, it is essential to your overall well-being. At Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry you’ll receive the finest quality dental care enhanced by an outstanding level of artistry and delivered in an environment that is both comfortable and caring.

With today’s array of sophisticated and modern dental technology even the most challenging smiles can be transformed into ones that dazzle. We use the most advanced techniques to provide all our patients with outstanding results!

Throughout this website you will find an abundance of information about our practice, the procedures we provide and how we can help you maintain excellent oral health while achieving the beautiful smile you desire. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Lepore has received advanced training in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry, Invisalign, & Oral Conscious Sedation. Dr. Lepore is also privileged to have attended over 700 hours of progressive continuing education in the last 3 years alone. He is humbled to be part of a Spear Education Study Club, which includes an interdisciplinary team of general practitioners and specialists in the field of dentistry. This allows Dr. Lepore to stay on top of the latest trends, technologies and treatment planning to provide his patients optimal care.

Our Services

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care for both adults and children including:

  • Emergency Treatment
  • Preventive & Restorative Care
  • Cosmetic Smile Design
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Crowns and Caps
  • Implants
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Complete & Partial Dentures
  • Nightguards
  • Invisalign and Braces
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

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We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about any of the dental procedures or services that we offer. You may contact us by calling our office or filling out the form below.


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